September 1998 Newsletter

Next Meeting - September 16

The regular monthly meetings of the Branch are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. except in July and August. The next regular monthly meeting of the Branch will be on Wednesday, September 16, 8 pm at the Colonial Manor American Legion Post Home. 502 Colonial Ave., N. Woodbury.

Branch Officers, Executive Board Meetings - September 9

The Branch Officers and the Executive Board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The Board of Officers meets at 7 pm. and the Executive Board at 8 pm. The next meetings of the Board of Officers and the Executive Board will be on Wednesday, September 9, at 7 and 8 pm respectively.

Welcome Back: Convention Delegates and Branch Members

This will be the first meeting of the Branch since June 17, 1998, subsequent to which regular monthly Branch, Board of Officers, and Executive board meetings were put on hold for the months of July and August. In the interim, twenty (20) elected Branch delegates traveled to Las Vegas for the 61st National Convention of the NALC. To say it was hot in Vegas would be an understatement of the greatest magnitude. The heat was stifling and unbearable. However, your 20 delegates attended the convention sessions and participated in the discussions and votes on a daily basis, Monday thru Friday, from 10 am to 3 pm. Some Branch delegates even got up early to attend seminars on various subjects. Such seminars were held prior to the general convention sessions that commended at 10 am. The next National Convention will be held in Chicago sometime between the 4th of July and the third full week in August, in the year 2000.

Branch Proposed Amendment Disapproved At National Convention

The Branch submitted and supported an amendment at the National Convention that would have allowed the Executive Council to consider holding the National Convention at other times of the year, in addition to the period between the fourth of July and the third full week of August that is currently mandated by the NALC Constitution. Unfortunately, the Committee of Laws recommended disapproval of the amendment and the convention delegates voted accordingly.

Attendance Prize - $250

Active member Dennis Kincaid, Clayton carrier, would have been the recipient of the $250 attendance prize at the June meeting had he been in attendance. The prize now stands at $250 for the meeting on September 16.

NALC: Richest Postal Union

The Fed Times recently reported that the NALC was the richest Postal Union with assets of $77.2 million, which is greater than the assets of the APWU and the Mail Handler Union combined.

Amnesty For Reinstatement Of Former Members

At the June meeting the Branch members in attendance and voting overwhelmingly approved a motion that would allow the reinstatement of former Branch members without the payment of any back dues, fines or assessments. Applications for such reinstatement must be made prior to the end of September, 1998.

$208 COLA Increase Effective September 12, 1998

The 6th cost of living increase under the 1994 National Agreement will be $208 annually, 10 cents per hour, or $8 per pay period. It will be effective in the pay period beginning September 12, reflected in the pay check of October 2, 1998. This is the final cost of living increase called for in the 1994 contract. It raises the total COLAs accumulated under that agreement to $1,373 annually.

Negotiations For New Contract

Negotiations for a new National Agreement with the US Postal Service began on August 24 when President Sombrotto and the NALC Executive Council met with Postmaster General William J. Henderson. The current four-year contract expires on November 20, 1998.

Use Joint Contract Administration Manual To Help Resolve Disputes

Shop Stewards should insist that the Joint Contract Administration Manual (CAM) jointly developed by the NALC and the USPS be consulted as the first step in attempting to resolve disputes before filing a grievance. Every Branch has received a copy, and a copy has been mailed to management in all postal installations that have city delivery letter carriers. Shop Stewards who have not yet received a copy of the manual, should feel free to consult management's copy of the manual. The manual should be used in all postal installations, not just sites where the Joint Dispute Resolution Test is being conducted.

Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon

The tentative schedule for the appearance of President Sombrotto and NALC Branch representatives on the Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon is as follows:
Monday, Sept. 7:
1:10 am to 2 am
10 am to 10:45 am
2:30 pm to 3:10 pm

Tentative 1999 Route Inspection Schedule

Office                 Inspection Date         Assigned TM Leader
Blackwood 2/20/99 G Donahue Runnemede 2/27/99 K Dennis Voorhees 2/27/99 F Murphy Marlton 3/16/99 R Lanzillotti Bellmawr 3/13/99 H Lewandowski Gloucester 3/13/99 H Lewandowski Bridgeton 3/27/99 E DiDominico Somerdale 4/10/99 J Forte Maple Shade 4/17/99 H Rawhil Pitman 4/17/99 S Waleed Riverton 5/1/99 B Kulikowski Clayton 5/15/99 ?

NALC Elections To Be Held By Mail September 1 Thru 21

The National Election Committee has set the period from September 1 thru 21 for the election of five National Resident Officer positions, three National Trustees, and National Business Agent spots in three of 15 regions. Ballots, with appropriate voting instructions and two envelops, will be placed in the mail on September 1, to be returned no later than September 21. To be eligible to vote you must have been a member in good standing as of June 1, 1998. If you do not receive a ballot by September 9, 1998, contact a Branch officer or Shop Steward and report it. The Election Committee announced the following ballot positions decided by lottery.
Paul Roznowski
Vincent R. Sombrotto

Pete Marutiak
William R. Yates

Director Of City Delivery
Gary H. Mullins
Michael L. Willadsen

Director Of Safety & Health
Carl J. Bryant
Alan Ferranto
Mike Alexander

Director Of Retired Members
Carl G. Soderstrom
Joseph LaPlaca

National Trustees
(three positions)
Mike Woolsey
Paul "Rocky" Mauricio
Lenin V. Perez
Lawrence (Larry) Brown, Jr.
William J. Reynolds
Ray M. Tillman
Randall L. Keller
Daniel T. Rupp

Tim O'Malley: New National Business Agent For Philadelphia Region

Timothy C. O'Malley, President, Branch 157, Philadelphia, was nominated and elected without opposition to fill the Philadelphia National Business Agent position of Jim Dolan who is retiring from the Postal Service and will be vacating the position of our National Business Agent at the end of the year.

Gracias !

From the striking workers at Precision Concrete in Las Vegas, whose strike was supported by picketing NALC Convention Delegates.

Branch Grievance Results

Blackwood - Letter of warning rescinded. (011698)
Marlton - Letter of warning to be removed 9 months from date of issue. (031798)
Marlton - Letter of warning to be removed and rescinded 6 months from date of issue. (041098L) Marlton - 14-day suspension reduced to 7 days, with back pay for 40 hours. (041698w)
Pennsville - 20 hours at regular OT rate to be paid those employees designated by the Union in the following cases: (042298E, 050598P, 050598D, 050598H)
Pennsville - Grievant provided 8 hours administrative leave for being forced to work OT on his long weekend. (060598B)
Williamstown - 7-day suspension reduced to paper suspension. (052098)
Williamstown - 7-day suspension reduced to discussion. (052098A)
Blackwood - Letter of warning rescinded. (011698)
Marlton - Letter of warning to be removed 6 months from date of issuance. (041698L)
Marlton - 4 carriers paid various amounts of overtime for not being maxed out for overtime. (041698C)
Marlton - DSSA called for the appointment of a regular carrier. Senior PTF will be converted upon completion of bidding process. (061198)
Marlton - Non-OTDL carriers to receive varying amounts of administrative leave for being forced to work N/S days without maximizing OTDL carriers. (041698H)
Gloucester - Grievant paid the sum of fourteen (14) dollars. (031298)
Voorhees - Grievant paid $250 and will receive a special inspection as soon as possible. (020298B)
Marlton - Grievant to receive 4 hours administrative leave to be used in lieu of approved annual leave. (041698B)
Marlton - Grievant to receive 4 hours administrative leave to be used in lieu of approved annual leave. (041698A)
Marlton - Letter of warning for failure to be regular in attendance while covered by FMLA removed. (022098A)
Deptford - Letter of warning to be removed in 6 months, and reduced to an official discussion. (050898)
Voorhees - Grievant paid $100 for delay of special route inspection. A special route test to be done as soon as possible. (020298C)
Voorhees - PS Form 3971 for 2/28/98 to reflect FMLA. (031298)
Pennsville - Grievant to receive 8 hours annual leave on day requested over and above complement. To be used before 10/31/98. (041498)
Pennsville - 8 hours at the OT rate to be paid those employees designated by the Union. (042298A)
Pennsville - 16 hours overtime paid those employees designated by the Union. (042298G, 042298C, 042298E, 042298B)
Pennsville - Grievant to be paid 5.55 hours at OT rate for April 20, 1998. (042398C)
Pennsville - Grievant paid 4 hours at OT rate. (042398A, 042398B)
Bridgeton - The parties agree that employees will be treated at all times with respect, dignity and fairness. The need for the USPS to "make the numbers" is not an excuse for the abuse of anyone. All 3996's will be done in accordance with the M-39, section 122.33.(981)
Riverton - Grievance sustained, will have one (1) worked not recorded on 2nd quarter OTDL. (052098)
Voorhees - Grievance denied. However, she will be paid for the 30-day notice period. (032298)
Paulsboro - Grievant will be paid 2 hours at straight time rate for OT worked by non-OTDL. (070898)
Paulsboro - Grievants paid 4 and 2 hours respectively at the straight time rate for OT worked by non-OTDL carrier. (070998)
Paulsboro - Grievant paid 1 hour at ST rate for OT worked by non-OTDL carrier. (071198)
Marlton - The grievant will be reimbursed $15.27. (060298)

Last Punch Bunch Pictures

Retiring Branch members who would like to have their pictures taken as they punch out for the last time for inclusion in the NALC Postal Record should contact John Vito.