A Note From the President

Just a reminder that the Branch will be hosting a seminar on the rights of PTF's. This seminar will be held at the Union Hall on October 24 at 7:30 PM. In addition, we are exploring the possibility of having a retirement seminar in December. I have contacted Carolyn Golden, a Postal Service Retirement Specialist, who has agreed to give the seminar. The topics of discussion to be covered will be CSRS and FERS. The seminar will conclude with a question and answer session. Early next month, I will need a count of those members who will be attending. Finally, don't forget nominations will be held at the October general membership meeting for all Officers, Shop Stewards and Convention Delegates.
Steve Lipski, President

Next Meeting - October 17

Welcome back! The next regular monthly meeting of the Branch will be held on Wednesday, October 17, 8 PM sharp. The regular monthly meetings of the Branch are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, except for the months of July and August.

Branch Officers & Executive Board Meetings - October 10

The Branch Board of Officers and Executive Board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The Board of Officers at 7:30 p.m., and the Executive Board at 8 p.m.. The next meetings of the Board of Officers and the Executive Board will be on Wednesday, October 10, at 7:30 and 8 PM respectively.

Attendance Prize Stands At $125

Had he been at the September meeting, D. M. O'Keefe, a Branch member working out of the Wenonah Office, would have been the winner of the $100 attendance prize. The prize now stands at $125 for the October meeting, and increases in increments of $25 monthly to a maximum of $250 until a member's name who is in attendance at a regular monthly meeting is drawn. Branch Officers and/or Shop Stewards are not eligible.

One Of Our Brothers Need Help

One of our brothers needs our help. Brother Tim Leconey of Riverside Branch 1908 has a son who has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Riverside is having a beef and beer to raise money to help offset the tremendous burden that has been put upon him and his family. It is being held on Saturday, November 3 from 7 to 11 PM at the Riverside Firehouse. They are also having a Chinese auction. If you would like to donate an item for the auction or get tickets for the beef and beer, or send donations. Please make checks payable to Tim Leconey in care of Riverside Branch 1908, PO Box 515, Riverside, NJ 08075.
-Dave Rust, President, NALC Branch 1908

Nominations For The Election Of Branch Officers, Shop Stewards & Convention Delegates - October 17

Nominations for the election of Branch Officers, Shop Stewards and Convention Delegates shall be called for at the regular monthly meeting of the Branch on Wednesday, October 17. Elections shall be by secret mail ballot of the eligible Branch membership held as soon as possible after nominations in October. All Officers and Shop Stewards shall be elected to a term of two (2) years. Nominations shall be made from the meeting floor, or in writing to the Branch Recording Secretary, mailed or presented to him/her prior to or at the October 17 meeting. Each eligible member of the Branch nominated for election shall accept or reject the nomination for the record, in person or in writing, prior to the adjournment of the October meeting. Failure to accept nomination prior to adjournment of the October meeting will invalidate the nomination. Secret mail ballots shall be returned to the Chairman of the Branch Election Committee for opening and tabulation no less than ten (10) days prior to the date of the December regular monthly meeting of the Branch. Positions up for election are as follows:
Branch President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Assistant Recording Secretary, Chairman Trustees, four (4) Trustees, Health Benefits Representative, Housing Chairman, Sergeant At Arms, 38 Shop Stewards, including two (2) each at Marlton and Woodbury; and 20 Convention Delegates to be compensated for their attendance at National and State conventions during their terms of office.

Grievance Sustained - Removal Overturned

"For the reasons given, the grievance is sustained and it is directed that the removal be rescinded and the Grievant be reinstated and made whole."
Arbitrator Raymond L. Britton made the above arbitration award with regard to the removal of our Shop Steward at Pitman who was removed from his position effective July 14, 2000, for allegedly violating medical restrictions relating to a work related injury for which he was placed in a "no work" status by his treating physician. Postal inspectors videotaped the grievant while in the "no work" status baby-sitting his children which the Post Office alleged violated medical restrictions.

Still On Strike - Do Not Patronize

ShopRite - Locations in Berlin, Cherry Hill, Clementon, Glassboro, Marlton, Mt. Laurel, West Deptford and Williamstown
Dunkin' Donuts - All Locations

NALC Health Benefit Plan Rates Effective January 1, 2002

Bi-Weekly Premium Active Carriers


Option Code

Employee Pays

Self Only



Self & Family



Monthly Premiums Annuitants & Survivors

Self Only



Self & Family



Branch 94.4% Organized
Non-Member Listing As Of 9/9/01




E C Gattone

C Hryniw

H C Shappert


Haddon Hts


S E Smith

J Q Guerra

D G Earling


Maple Shade


B J Chant

W G Griffin Jr.

P P Dela Garza

L A Hodge

A D Kuttruf

V Apartin

 J A Kilgore Jr.

Mt Ephraim

National Park


K S Walker

F Donacheva

B J Samuels

W T McCallister




R M Briles

W A Breitenstine

F C Mauer Jr.

A W Rossell

E W Pendlebury

C  R Nottle

J S DiStefano


J G Boyle

E J Peace

T P Butler-Gaines

J M Waterfield

Hero Awards Program - Nominees Needed

NALC National Business Agent Tim O'Malley has announced that on Tuesday, October 30, 2001, the South Jersey District will be holding a luncheon at the "Mansion" in Voorhees to honor any employee who has performed a heroic act or who has extended themselves to save a co-worker or patron from danger. He has requested that each Branch send the names of any carrier who you feel may be qualified to his agent, Steve Lipski, President, Branch 908, NALC, 218 Orlando Ave., Gloucester, NJ, 08030-1645, by October 10, 2001.

Marlton Shop Stewards Appointed

Bruce Watson
Mary Hackett

Marriage Mail Days Cannot Be Eliminated From Route Evaluations

According to a Step 4 grievance decision by the parties at the National Level (G94N-4G-C 97121978) under date of January 21, 2000, detached address mail (marriage mail) days cannot be eliminated from the PS Form 1840 in evaluating routes during a 6-day mail count and route inspection.

COLCPE Donation Drive

Gloucester $232 Bridgeton $50 Clayton $75
Deptford $571.95 Haddon Hts $115 Lawnside $18
Maple Shade $60 National Park $80 Paulsboro $80
Penns Grove $130 Pennsville $50 Riverton $165
Runnemede $10 Salem $50 Sewell $75
Somerdale $55 Stratford $55 Wenonah $28
Williamstown $20 Retirees $50

Attention Shop Stewards

If the issue (grievance) is not resolved at the informal A Step, the first 13 blocks of the PS Form 8190 must be filled out by the Steward, initialed by the Supervisor and given to the Postmaster or his designee within 7 days to be timely.

Labor 2001 - Official Endorsements

State Governor Jim McGreevey
3rd District Senate *Steve Sweeney - Ironworker 399
Assembly Doug Fisher
Assembly John Burzichelli
Camden County Freeholder Edward McDonnell
Freeholder Laurelle Cummings
Gloucester County Freeholder Joseph Brigandi
Freeholder Helene Reed
Deptford Council *Bill Bain - IAFF 788
Council Frank DeMarco
Council Louis Cacciola
Council Jacquelyn Love
West Deptford Council * Janice Hauser - CWA 1085
Council John Cobb
Woodbury Council 3rd Ward *Sam Ferraino - UFCW 1360
Woodbury Heights Council *H. Claire Poole - CWA 1084
Council Lou Deeck
Cumberland County Freeholder James Forcinito
Freeholder Doug Rainear
Salem County Freeholder Lee Ware
Freeholder Rich Sooy
Burlington County Sheriff Joe Conlin
Surrogate Lester Holley
Freeholder John Fratinardo
Maple Shade Council *James Fletcher IBEW 351
Florence Council1st ward *Frank Balorossi LIUNA 172

*Labor candidates

Branch Grievance Results

Pre-Arb Settlements
Voorhees - 14-day suspension reduced to a letter of warning. The grievant will be paid 10 days back pay. (100400)
Voorhees - 7-day suspension expunged and rescinded from the grievant's record with no back pay. (071297B)
Voorhees - Letter of warning for violation of M-41 will be rescinded and expunged from the grievant's record. (030900E)
Voorhees - 14-day suspension rescinded and expunged from grievant's record with no loss of pay. (032800)
Voorhees - 7-day suspension rescinded and expunged from grievant's record with no loss of pay (032200)
Step B Decisions
Paulsboro - Management failed to fulfill its obligation to have case labels reviewed and corrected within 30 days and should pay each carrier (6 total) affected $25 each.(042801)
Paulsboro - The letter of warning will be rescinded, and management will pay 2 hours of sick leave and adjust time card to reflect the proper pay for the week. (062201)
Step A Settlements
Paulsboro - Grievant paid 1 hour at OT rate for being denied OT. (080401)
Paulsboro - Grievant paid 1 hour for being forced to work off assignment. (080401B)
Paulsboro - Grievant paid 4 hours straight time and .24 units OT for denied OT. (080701A)
Paulsboro - 3 carriers forced to work OT to be paid 1 hour each. (080701B)
Paulsboro - 3 non-OTDL carriers paid 30 minutes each for being forced to work OT. (080801B)
Paulsboro - OTDL Grievant paid 2.92 ST for denied OT. (080801A)
Paulsboro - Grievant paid 4 hrs for OT denial. (080501A)