November 1997 Newsletter

Next Meeting - November 19

The regular rnonthly meetings of the Branch are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, except in July and August. The next regular monthly meeting of the Branch will be on Wednesday, November 19, 8 pm at the Colonial Manor American Legion Post Home, 502 Colonial Ave., N. Woodbury.

Branch Officers, Executive Board Meetings - November 12

The Branch Officers and the Executive Board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The Board of Officers meets at 7 pm, and the Executive Board at 8 pm. The next meetings of the Board of Officers and the Executive Board will be on Wednesday, November 12,, at 7 and 8 pm, respectively.

Branch Nomination Results

The following Branch members were nominated for the positions indicated for the term 1998-1999:
Branch Officers
Bob Stoltz, President
Steve Lipski, V. President
Bill Revak, Rec. Sec.
Tom Barnett, Treasurer
John Vito, Fin Sec.
Jack Bittner, Trust. Chair.
Joe Walder, Trustee
Mike McKiernan, Trustee
Tom Walsh,Trustee
Donna Villec, Trustee
Jim Serock, Health Benefit
Bill Baitinger, Sgt-At-Arms
Glenn Acheson, Housing Chairperson
* Ed Friel, Gary DiGiacomo, Assistant Recording Secretary
(*) Election required

Shop Stewards
M. DiGiacomo , Bellmawr
G. DiGiacomo, Blackwood
A. Dressner, Glassboro
S. Lipski, Gloucester
S. Green, Haddon Heights
B. Baitinger, Magnolia
R. Choate, Mt Ephraim
J. Comuso, National Park
N. Spence, Penns Grove
P. Eller, Pennsville
F. Mendel, Runnemede
H. Harrison, Sewell
S. Falls, Swedesboro
J. Bittner, Wenonah
T. Carey, West Berlin
T. Allen, Westville
F. Matkowsky, Williamstown
J.Walder, Deptford
M. McKiernan, Deptford
D. Hogate, Woodstown
*J. Livingston, M. .Britton, Riverton
(*) Election required

Convention Delegates*
J. Serock
J. Bittner
B. Baitinger
S. Falls
G. DiGiacomo
B. Stoltz
B. Revak
S. Lipski
T. Barnett
E. Friel
J. Vito
G. Acheson
J. Walder
T. Walsh
D. Singleton
F. Mendel
J. Comuso
M. McKiernan
N. Task
A. Dressner
F. Potts
D. Villec
J. Livingston
J. Lamplugh
P. Eller
(*) Election required to determine which 20 out of the 25 elected delegates will be compensated for convention attendance.

National Convention

The 61st Biennial Convention of the National Association of Letter Carriers will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 27-31, 1998

Ellection Ballots To Be Mailed November 7

Ballots for the election of an Assistant Recording Secretary, a Shop Steward at Riverton, 20 out of 25 delegates to be compensated for attendance at the National Convention in Las Vegas, and write-in candidates for the position of Shop Steward at the following offices will be mailed on or about November 7, 1997: Clayton, Gibbstown, Glendora, Hammonton, Lawnside, Mantua, Maple Shade, Marlton (2), Paulsboro, Pitman, Salem, Somerdale, Stratford, and Voorhees.

Delivering In The Dark

"Normally, letter carriers deliver mail during daylight hours; however, we mutually agree that there is no contractual provision which would preclude management from assigning carriers to deliver mail in other than daylight hours. We also mutually agree that the existence of a safety hazard in the office in question can only be determined by applying the fact circumstances to the provision of Article 14." (4th Step Decision N8-W-0378/W8N5DC8561, 9/26/80)

Withholding Provisions Of Article 12 Withdrawn

The Allegheny Area has served notice that because the South Jersey District has withheld sufficient residual vacancies to offset current impact projections, they are withdrawing from the withholding provisions of Article 12. Any positions that become vacant after the date of October 16 should be posted and the residual vacancy filled by promoting the senior PTF to regular. Positions withheld prior to October 16 and the methodology for releasing vacancies and converting PTFs with relation thereto will be determined at a management meeting scheduled for November 6, 1997.

Petite Chock Utilization

The "petite chock" is only to be used in postal parking lot overnight in lieu of setting the emergency brake solely on 1/4-ton jeeps. The chock will aid in preventing brake lines from freezing overnight and ensuring the 1/4-ton does not roll away in the parking lot. The chock is to be used only during the winter months when periods of frigid temperatures, snow and ice may occur. In any case, if the chock is not used the parking brake must be set. (March 3 memo, POMS, SJ)


NALC TE Lump sum payments were processed into PP 21-97 salary checks. Employees were required to be in a pay status in PP 17-95 to receive the $950 payment which covers the period PP 18-94 through PP 17-95. Employees were required to be in a pay status in PP 23-96 to receive the $400 payment which covered the period from PP 24-95 through PP 23-96. If the total work and paid leave hours during the above periods were less than 1500 hours, the payments were pro-rated as follows:
1 through 499.99 hours = 25% of lump sum
500 through 999.99 hours = 50% of lump sum
1000 through 1499.9 hours = 75% of lump sum
1500 and greater = 100% of lump sum
200 terminated TEs with no state tax segment did not receive this payment. These payments are expected PP 22-97 and PP 23-97.

Treasurer's Report For September

$14,441.75 Balance Checking Account for August
11,184.49 Receipts for September
25,262. 24 Total Checking Account For September
17,670.79 Expenditures For September
7,955.45 Balance Checking Account For September

838.00 Delaware Cash Reserve
28,673.43 Building Fund (CD, Del Valley Acct.)
42,539. 99 National Convention Fund
7,955.45 Balance Checking Account
1,422. 16 Balance Optical Fund
1,224. 02 Balance Sick and Welfare Fund
1,602.95 Balance Death Fund
8,242.65 Cash Reserve CD
$92,498.65 Total Monies

Branch Grievance Results

Voorhees - 7-day proposed suspension reduced to 7-day paper suspension (112796A)
Voorhees - Letter of warning expunged due to failure of management to denote FMLA on leave slip. (020497)
Voorhees - 7-day suspension reduced to letter of warning. (021097)
Voorhees - Letter of warning expunged from grievant's record. (021097A)
Voorhees - 7-day suspension reduced to letter of warning. (021397)
Voorhees - Letter of warning expunged from grievant's record (021997)
Marlton - Letter of warning to be removed and rescinded in 6 months. (052897)
Westville - Letter of warning to be held in abeyance for 2 years pending attendance improvement (052997)
Westville - Letter of warning removed 1 year from date of issuance. (061797)
Woodbury - 7-day suspension reduced to 4 days. Grievant to be paid 20 hours back pay. (082197)
Atco - Letter of warning rescinded (090397)
Bellmawr - Janitor will cease and desist making inter-station runs. (090597)
Bellmawr - 2 grievants paid 2 and 1 hours respectively at OT or penalty OT as appropriate. (090597C)
Gibbstown - Removal reduced to time served. No back pay. (091197)
Williamstown - Grievant awarded 4 hours straight pay for missed drop-day work (100197)
National Park - Grievant paid for improper denial of sick leave (101697)

Entertainment Books Available

1998 Entertainment books for reduced restaurant and entertainment costs in area establishments are now available at Branch meetings or through your Shop Steward at a reduced cost of $30. Proceeds go to the Branch Scholarship fund.

Open Season For Thrift Savings And Flexible Spending Accounts

November 15 through January 31 - Thrift Saving Plan
November 10 through December 8 - Flexible Spending Account

In the Thrift Savings Plan the Post Office matches all or part of contributions made to the plan by FERS employees, and taxes on earnings are deferred until retirement.
The Flexible Savings Account program allows carriers to bank funds for use in paying health care or dependent care during the year and that money is not taxable for Social Security, Medicare or federal income tax purposes.

Chances & Drawings

See or call Donna Villec for the following chances or drawings for the benefit of the ULA, Burlington County:
$500 Thanksgiving Drawing - $5 a ticket NJ pick 3,
Thanksgiving Wheelbarrow of Fun, $300 value, $2 a ticket, drawing 12/2/97
Lucky Daily Calendars - $25 for 1998, 3 digit number, Penna.

1998 NALC Health Plan Rates

Active Letter Carriers
           Total Bi-Weekly          USPS          Employee
          premiums                 Pays            Pays
 Self           $112.94           $78. 06           $34.88 
Family          $241.35           $168.36           $72.99


     Total Monthly          USPS               Retiree
        Premiums          Pays               Pays
Self     $244.70           $142.91           $101.79
Family   $522.93           $308. 25          $214.68

Health Benefits Open Season Health Fair - November 13

The South Jersey District has served notice that their annual Health Benefits Open Season Health Fair for the benefit of all employees of the South Jersey District considering a change or the choosing of a health care provider, will be held on Thursday, November 13, 1997, at the South Jersey District and The Processing and Distribution Center, Conference Rooms 1, 2, and 3, 501 Benigno Blvd., Bellmawr.

CSRS Retirees 1998 Cost Of Living Increase: 2.1%

The January, 1998, COLA for Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) Annuitants will be 2.1 percent FERS Annuitants will receive a 2 percent adjustment For Federal Employee Compensation Act (FECA) beneficiaries, the 1998 COLA accumulation stood at 1.5 percent based on the September CPI-W.

Branch 517, Grand Forks, N. D., Says Thanks

Branch 517, Grand Forks, N.D., has sent a note of thanks for the generous donation this Branch sent with relation to the devastating floods they experienced The great out-pouring of help from this and other Branches throughout the Country has made it easier For Branch 517 members to rebuild or make plans to buy or build new homes. As expressed by Branch 517, such an out-pouring has shown why we all believe in "Unionism Now and Unionism Forever."

Annual Leave Carryover 440 Hours

The 1997 leave year ends on January 2, 1998. The 1998 leave year begins on January 3, 1998. The rnaximum amounts of annual leave that bargaining unit employees may carry over form 1997 into the 1998 leave year is 440 hours. No provisions exist for employees to carry over annual leave in excess of the applicable carryover maximums on January 3, 1998. Employees should coordinate with their supervisors to schedule any excess leave before January 3, 1998; Employees who, on January 1, 1953, had more accumulated leave to their credit than the amounts provided above and who have maintained balances in excess of those amoumts may carry over the balance they have maintained. (PB 21956 10/9/97)

New Veterans Clinic - Fort Dix

A new Veterans Clinic for our aging veteran population has been opened on the corner of Alabama Avenue and Eight Street, Fort Dix. A full range of primary care diagnostic and treatment services will be available. If you are currently not registered for medical benefits, but would like to be, all you need to do is complete a one-page form, VA1010T. These forms are available through any Congressman's office, or through the Department of Veterans Affairs which can be reached toll-free at 1-800-827-1000. Any veteran, honorably discharged, is eligible. (Congressman Saxton's Fall 1997 "Reports To You)

Turkey Drawing

Attendees at the November Branch meeting will be given a free opportunity to win a 20 lb, fresh - killed turkey donated by the COLCPE Committee.

The Attendance Prize = $100