Well, brothers and sisters, as stated previously, the cost of doing business in this district continues to be quite profitable for our members. As you look at this month’s grievance settlements, you will notice over $1600.00 in monetary settlements our members have cashed in on from this districts continual violation of the contract. This is only a small number of settlements to start coming in, with many more to follow. I will continue to expose the “king” and his minions for his ridiculous policies of managing until someone from above steps in to stop this style of managing which causes unnecessary grievance settlements. I still cannot figure out to this day why they want to continue down this arrogant path of managing. We have carriers willing to do the work, but they want to continue to play a 5:00 pm “window” where not one piece of evidence shows our customers need their mail delivered by this time. I can understand to try to make sure mail is delivered in a timely manner, but to play this little game of 17:00 pm window in the guise of customer service is an insult to everyone’s intelligence, even though he thinks he is the only “genius” in this area! With the summer months approaching, I hope there is someone with a brain who will do the right thing and allow the local managers to run their offices. If not, it looks like we will be making a lot of cash this summer sipping our brews by the pool while our supervisors, postmasters, custodians and rural carriers are doing our work! Remember; keep your eyes open for these violations. I hope that they will allow the OTDL carriers to earn their money this summer, if not, enjoy the time off, and take the free cash!
On another note, we are still waiting to hear on the next MIRAP process that is supposed to be coming our way. We still have a few of our offices who are still waiting for answers on the last process. I hope that we will get our answers soon, because this next process cannot go forward without first resolving our last issues. I hope that by this month’s meeting we will have our answers.
Gary DiGiacomo – President


The next regular monthly meeting of the Branch will be held on Wednesday, May 19, 8 p.m., at the American Legion Hall, 502 Colonial Ave., North Woodbury. The regular monthly meetings of the Branch are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 8 p.m. The Branch Board of Officers and Executive Board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The Board of Officers meets at 7:30 p.m. and the Executive Board meet at 8 p.m. The next meeting of the Board of Officers and Executive Board will be on Wednesday, May 12, 7:30 and 8 p.m. respectively.


Had she been in attendance at the regular monthly meeting of the Branch on Wednesday, April 21, Dawn Seislove, a member out of the Bellmawr office, would have been the recipient of the $100 attendance prize. The prize now increases to $125 and will increase $25 per meeting, up to a maximum of $250, until a member in attendance has their name drawn.


May 23-25 NJ State Rap Session
August 9-13 National Convention

GRIEVANCE LOG - (Step B Results)

Blackwood: Management did not exercise care to assure that the grievant did not have to forfeit any part of their annual leave, nor did grievant watch his leave. As a remedy grievant shall receive 8 hours of Administrative Leave.
Hammonton: Management did not show just cause in issuing grievant a 7 Day Suspension for “Unsatisfactory Job Performance.” The 7-Day Suspension shall be reduced to a discussion.
Hammonton: Management violated Article 8.5.G of the JCAM when it forced non-OTDL carrier to work when ODL carriers were available to work. The remedy is to pay 2 ODL carriers $62.62 each. ($125.24)
Hammonton: Management violated Article 8.5.G of the JCAM when it forced non-OTDL carrier to work when ODL carriers were available to work. The remedy is to pay 1 ODL carrier $57.90.
Hammonton: Management violated Article 1 of the JCAM when an acting supervisor performed bargaining unit work for 5 hours. As a remedy 3 carriers to receive $65.65 each. ($195.95)
Hammonton: Management violated Article 1 and Article 8.5.G of the JCAM when an acting supervisor performed bargaining unit work for 2.44 hours, and a non-ODL carrier was forced to work off their own route. As a remedy 4 carriers to receive $32.40 each. ($129.60)
Hammonton: Management violated Article 1 and Article 8.5.G of the JCAM when an acting supervisor performed bargaining unit work for 8hours, and a non-ODL carrier was forced to work 2.83 hours off their own route. As a remedy 2 carriers to receive $213.49 each. ($429.98)
Hammonton: Management violated Article 1 of the JCAM when an acting supervisor performed bargaining unit work for 1.76 hours. As a remedy 2 carriers to receive $52.00 and $40.00 each. ($92.00)
Stratford: Management violated Article 17 of the JCAM when it failed to provide steward time. As a remedy, the steward will be paid 9 hours at the overtime rate. ($354.51)
Stratford: Management violated Article 8.5.G of the JCAM when they forced a non-ODL carrier to work on their own route. As a remedy, an ODL carrier will be paid $24.42 for the lost opportunity.
Formal Step A Results:
Mt. Ephraim:
TE carrier to be paid 4 hours for guaranteed time denied him.
Mt. Ephraim: Pay grievant 5 hours overtime for Article 1.6 and Article 8 violations.


Applications are being accepted for the” Drew Walters Branch 908 Scholarship” drawing. The drawing will be held on Wednesday, June 16 at the regular Branch meeting. The scholarship is open to all children, grandchildren, stepchildren (living with Member) and adopted children of all active or retired branch members. The entry form is available on our branch website,, at our meetings or by contacting our new scholarship coordinator: Shawn McBride, 1204 Huntingdon Mews, Clementon, NJ 08021


Hi, Brothers and Sisters, I just want to say that our Branch President was correct again about the MIRAP process. There are many routes in our Branch and in the South Jersey District that the MIRAP Teams, for some reason, did not follow the MIRAP Agreement. All those routes are now in the hands of the National Union in DC awaiting Dale Hart and the USPS representative to try to resolve these local issues. In my office, I was told 2 weeks after they took a route out that it was coming back, that was in August 2009. Yes, a grievance was filed, but as of this day, this route has yet to be returned to what was agreed upon by the parties involved. On to other things; the Retirees dinner was a great time and there are many pictures on the branch website. Thank you to my Trustee, Donna Villec who took all the pictures and to Norm Spence who still maintains the Branch website and put all the pictures on website. One of our old Shop Steward Retirees wanted to let everyone know that if you are divorced and if your ex-spouse is getting half of your pension, make sure you have designated in your divorce papers that you are entitled to a copy of your ex-spouses death certificate, you will need this in order for Human Resources to stop payments or you may need to contact your Congressman for help in this matter. This retiree last year had kidney cancer and had to have it removed, he is doing well, thank God. Next a reminder that the Branch has clean uniforms down stairs at the hall, please contact me if you want any, Jim 609-932-9913. Any member who has questions about our budget or the bills can see me after a meeting or call me at the above-mentioned number. Next year’s Retiree dinner is April 9, 2011, be sure to mark your calendar. Finally yet importantly, our Health Benefits Officer, Fred Mendel, has liver cancer and so far is doing well. Please remember Freddie and his family in your prayers. Thank you.
Jim Comuso, Sr.


On April 17, 2010, the Branch held our 3rd Annual Banquet at Nicolosi’s Banquet Hall in Woodbury. It was a great night for all who attended! Branch President, Gary DiGiacomo acted as the Emcee for the night with some help from Recording Secretary Michael Powell, they kept the business part of the evening short while still getting everything accomplished. Invited guest included; Director of City Delivery, Dale Hart who brought greetings from National President Fredric Rolando, also in attendance was National Business Agent Bill Lucini, Regional Administrative Assistant, Ray McDonald and last but not least long time Branch Member and Retiree, Alan Grey who did our invocation. In addition to the above, the honored retired guests in attendance were, John J. Czop, Vincent A. Iannuzzi, Elwood Porter and Cliff W. Prescott and their families. A special thanks goes out to Jake “the Snake” Evison, a Branch member out of our Woodbury Office. Jake is a great DJ and did a fantastic job keeping the party alive! I recommend Jake to any member who is looking for a DJ. Jake can be reached at 856-853-0419, or through his website at Special thanks go to Branch Trustee Donna Villec for acting as our greeter/ticket taker and photographer for the night. Thanks also goes out to my beautiful girlfriend, Theresa DeAntoneo for all of her help organizing this event and to everyone who came out for this special night. I have had many phone calls from Members who attended letting me know that they had a great time. Mark your calendar now, next year our 4th Annual Branch Banquet will be held on April 9, 2010.


At the Branch Banquet on April 17, The Branch awarded the third annual Shop Steward of the year award. The winner, chosen from nominations made by the membership, was Pitman (Sewell) Shop Steward, Steve Rutkowski. Branch President Gary DiGiacomo presented Steve with a plaque. Congratulations Steve and keep up all your hard work!


Each year, OPM sends the NALC Health Benefit Plan a letter that participates in the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program. The letter outlines OPM’s policy goals and expectations on benefits and premiums for the upcoming year. Since receiving this letter, the NALC have already begun to lay out the benefit structure for 2011.The Total of new members to the plan is 6.596 for 2010.
HBR Fred Mendel

Postal Service Motto:
Remember This Saying:
Only if you can get it done before 5 PM

In the Paulsboro installation, the OIC has been going to great lengths to please the "King" and meet the 5 o'clock window, even if it means not delivering first class mail. He was caught hiding first class mail in the safe a few months back. The shop steward approached him regarding his actions, and he agreed to stop it immediately. Following this, the OIC knowingly and willingly delayed 2 APCs full of priority delivery confirmation parcels for a business that came in on a Saturday. These parcels did not go out on Monday because he had to meet the 5 o' clock window, even though there were two ODL carriers available. The steward notified the POOM of the OIC's actions, but that did not stop his determination to please the "King" and again meet that window. His latest decision to delay two trays of first class letters mailed from the high school to the people in the community of Paulsboro shows that he would do whatever it takes to keep in the good graces of the "King.” Once again, the shop steward approached the OIC regarding the trays of first class mail. She wanted to know why the mail was not sorted to the routes for delivery. His response was that he did not have enough clerks to sort these two trays of first class mail. The steward immediately responded that there was an ODL carrier, TE carrier, and a PTF carrier who could sort this mail. She then stated better yet why not use the IOD (injured on duty) carrier who is just sitting there to sort the letters. Well guess what? The OIC took the advice and used the IOD carrier to help sort the first class letters. The problem was that most of the carriers had already left for the street, and the mail was delayed. The good news is he met the 5 o'clock window, and the "King" is ever so happy. This OIC has since left the Paulsboro office, and another OIC has taken his place. The new OIC is also out to please the "King.” In order to meet his 5 o'clock he elected to delay a certified mailing to a trailer park for two days. It is not only the economy and the internet that is hurting this organization, it is management.
Article Submitted by Loretta Morris, Shop Steward, Paulsboro


Brothers and Sisters, Has anyone ever heard the phrase “they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground?” Well my dad, when he was alive, used this phrase many times to describe the many coaching blunders that the Phillies, Eagles, or even my High School coaches would make during a game. It kind of reminds me of our head coach, or should I say our District Manager. His game plan is to violate the contract no matter what the cost. His latest play is called the do not let the PTFs work more than 40 hours play. Has any office experienced this play? On the other hand, how about the work the Non-ODL carriers before ODL carriers, PTFs and TEs play. Here is one he must have drawn up in the dirt; it is called the case all the loose flats before sequenced flats play. That is one helluva play, just kidding :). The problem with these plays and the many other plays in our coach’s playbook is that they really do not work. It is a shame the coach will not change his playbook because he has an All-Star Roster (Letter Carriers). If only he would let us play our game, it would be a win-win situation for all of us. I know what my dad would think of this coach, “that coach does not know his ass from a hole in the ground.”
Recording Secretary, Michael Powell


We will be conducting our Fourth Annual Eagles Season Ticket Raffle for our political action fund (“COLCPE”). Tickets were distributed to all Shop Stewards at the April Executive Board meeting. This is our only fundraiser for COLCPE for the entire year; therefore, Shop Stewards are expected to sell all tickets. Ticket money is due by the end of July. Last year’s winner was Vince Castagna out of Blackwood. If you have questions or need Tickets, see Trustee, Donna Villec.

Branch President and Vice President Cell Phone Numbers

President- Gary DiGiacomo - 856-906-2838
Vice- President- Steve Rutkowski- 856-906-2026