A Note From The Branch President

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Branch members who have already contributed to our June COLCPE drive. I hope this endeavor turns out as good as early response indicates. Just a reminder that the NALC Food Drive is just around the corner. If anyone is having any problems with any aspects of the drive, please don't hesitate to contact Branch Food Drive Coordinator Steve Rutkowski or myself. Management at the National and District levels have given this event their full support, so if you have a reluctant supervisor concerning this event drop me a line. In closing, if any Branch member is having any difficulties with any aspect of the job, please don't hesitate to call. We have specialists in the Branch that can help with any problems ranging from contractual to substance abuse. So, please don't feel alone, call!

Next Meeting - May 16

The next regular monthly meeting of the Branch will be on Wednesday, May 16, 8 p.m. Regular monthly meetings of the Branch are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, except in the months of July & August.

Branch Officers & Executive Board Meetings - May 9

The Branch Board of Officers and Executive Board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The Board of Officers at 7:30 p.m., and the Executive Board at 8 p.m.. The next meetings of the Board of Officers and the Executive Board will be on Wednesday, May 9.

Attendance Prize - $50

Had he been at the April meeting, Len Maddox, a retiree out of the Deptford office, would have been the winner of the $25 attendance prize. The prize now increases to $50 for the May meeting, and increases in increments of $25 monthly until a member's name in attendance at a regular monthly meeting is drawn. The prize increases to a maximum of $250 until someone wins. Branch Officers and/or Shop Stewards are not eligible.

Branch Scholarship Drawing - May 16

The Branch has an established Branch Scholarship offering of $2000, $500 per year, 4 years, available to the children, grandchildren, stepchildren and/or the adopted children of active and retired members graduating from high school. The scholarship is awarded by way of a random drawing of those eligible for the scholarship who have submitted an application anytime prior to or at the meeting on May 16. The scholarship will be awarded for the attendance of a student at a two or four-year college, university or vocational school.

Branch Scholarship Application
Student's Name:_________________________________
Branch Member's Name:___________________________
Member's Relationship To Student:___________________

Where Were You?

The Annual Retirees' and Branch Awards Brunch held on Sunday, April 22, was as usual, an outstanding event. It was attended by 80 people, relatives, friends and associates of this year's retirees: Franklin Cole, Bill White, Gill Curran, Joe Natale and Al Yansick, of the Stratford, Pitman, Haddon Heights, and Riverton offices respectively. Branch guests included Tim O'Malley, NALC National Business Agent, his assistant Shelly Williams, and Branch Attorney Hal Crass. The Branch award recipient this year was our very own Norm Task, retiree out of Haddon Heights and Branch COLCPE Chairman, who was presented with his 50-year NALC membership card from John Vito, the Branch Financial Secretary, erstwhile legislative liaison, and Membership Chairman. Branch retirees who attended the event included: Ed Carola, Ed Friel, Bill Revak, Bob Anderson, Dom Corsoe, Tom Barnett, Bud Dermond, Allen Gray, John Vito, Dave Singleton, Norm Task, Phil Juhring, Les Styron, Tom Quinn, Jack Bittner, Marion Howell, and Phil Lech. Officers and Shop Stewards in attendance were: Steve Lipski, Joe Walder, Bill Revak, Tom Barnett, John Vito, Ed Friel, Jack Bittner, Norm Spence, Tom Walsh, Fred Mendel, Jim Livingston, Norm Task, Jim Comuso, and Jim Barlow. Recently departed members remembered in our prayers on April 22 were: Harry Heard, Frank Back, Bill Schott, Nick Rose, Jim Carson, and H E Walker, Jr.

Help Needed For Food Drive

The annual NALC-USPS food drive will take place on Saturday, May 12. Active and/or retired letter carriers are needed at the hubs to help unload and load the trucks that will carry the food to the food banks. The hubs where the help is needed are at the Blackwood, Somerdale, Deptford and Voorhees Post Offices. Helpers should report to the hubs about an hour before the carriers are scheduled to return from their routes. If you intend to lend your assistance, contact Steve Rutkowski.

Branch Health Benefits Rep

Fred Mendel has been elected the Branch Health Benefits Officer and as such he can be contacted at the Runnemede office, 856-939-3197, or his home for any assistance you might need with regard to your membership in the NALC Health Benefits Plan.

Disability Retirement

Disability retirement for Postal and Federal employees is an entitlement under the law; however, as with many entitlements, one must provide adequate and convincing proof -- by a preponderance of the evidence-- before the Office of Personnel Management will grant you that entitlement. If you would like to have a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney, you can call the office of Robert R. McGill, Esquire, at 1-800-990-7932, or 1-301-845-8625, or email at mcgill@familyconnect.com.

NALC & Its Workers Cannot Agree On a Contract

According to a memorandum sent to us by Local 2 of the Office and Professional Employees International Union, AFL-CIO, who represent employees of the NALC working at NALC Headquarters, the NALC Health Benefits Plan, and the NALC Mutual Benefits Plan, have been working without a collective bargaining agreement with the NALC for well over a year. The reasons they give that they cannot agree on a contract is the many economic take-backs that the employer (the NALC) is seeking, for example:
  • Demand that retired employees now pay for retiree medical coverage.
  • 1.2% wage increase over the life of the contract
  • The elimination of at least 3 COLA's
  • No retroactive in base wages
  • Term of agreement offered amounts to a 7-month contract.
  • Demand that active employees must now pay for medical coverage.
  • Demand that active employees must now pay for disability coverage.

    APWU Advising Against Internet or Intranet Purchase Offered In Computer Package

    The APWU is advising its members who purchase the USPS computer package not to purchase the internet or intranet services that come with the package through the connectivity program. These services can be purchased separately without the PIN code number. The APWU is concerned over the possibility that those services may be used for management to communicate directly with employees who are on leave on IOD or issuing instructions contrary to the terms of the National or local agreements.

    Zero Tolerance For Workplace Violence

    The South Jersey Cluster has advised all employees, bargaining and non-bargaining alike, that the following conduct or that of a similar nature will not be tolerated and that the Postal Service will impose severe discipline for such behavior, up to and including removal, without progressive discipline, where the infraction is so obviously unacceptable that a reasonable person should have known that it would not be tolerated:
  • A clear and immediate threat of violence to an identifiable target(s), with specific description of the intended violent act
  • A threat of violence, usually to an identifiable target, but currently lacking immediacy and/or specific plan, or a specified plan of violence but currently lacking a specific target
  • A relatively non-specific threat of violence from a person expressing concerns with personal and/or organizational issues by a volatile workplace climate.
  • Verbal or other inappropriate communications, which include derogatory comments and/or profanity.

    Dispute Resolution Team Info

    The address for mailing Step B appeals is: PO Box 9001, Bellmawr, NJ, O8009-9041. Phone numbers are: 856-933-6044 and 6017. As soon as a fax number is available, we will advise.

    Miami Awarded 2006 Convention

    The NALC Executive Council, meeting in Washington March 27, selected Miami, Florida, as the site of the 65th Biennial NALC Convention in 2006. The 2006 Convention will be held from August 7-11 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The 2002 Convention will be August 19-23 in Philadelphia, and in 2004, the Convention will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    NALC Membership At 312,542

    According to Secretary-Treasurer Bill Yates, the total membership of the NALC is at 312,542, with 2,738 Branches. The organized percentage has increased to 91.8 percent of the active membership.

    Windfall Elimination Legislation

    Director of Retirees Joe LaPlaca has reported that over 70 members of Congress have already signed as cosponsors to HR 1073, the legislation authored by Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), to change the windfall elimination penalty faced by many retirees.

    Non-Member Listing

    C Gattone - Atco A A Armour - Blackwood
    C Hryniw - Blackwood H C Shappert - Gibbstown
    D R Sanders - Glassboro S E Smith - Glassboro
    R F Foltz - Haddon Hts J G Guerra - Haddon Hts
    D G Earling - Voorhees R J Logan - Voorhees
    B J Chant - Mantua W G Griffin - Maple Shade
    A D Kutruf - Maple Shade P P Dela Garzsa - Marlton
    V Appartin - Marlton J A Kilgore - Marlton
    F Doncheva - National Park B J Samuels - Pennsville
    W T McCallister - Pennsville R M Briles - Riverton
    A W Rossell - Riverton C R Nottle - Riverton
    W A Breitenstein - Runnemede E W Pendlebury - Somerdale
    J S DiStefano - Somerdale J G Boyle - Stratford
    E J Peace - Stratford T P Butler-Gaines - Stratford
    J H Waterfield - Stratford

    The Branch is 94.6% organized.

    Officers Pay & Out-Of-Pocket Reimbursed Expenses For The Year 2000



    Pay & Expenses Pd

    Steve Lipski President $15,401.50

    Joe Walder

    Vice President $8,961.50
    Bill Revak Recording Secretary $3,962.36
    Tom Barnett Treasurer $8,897.00
    John Vito Financial Secretary $3,129.21
    Ed Friel Asst. Rec. Secretary $2,332.00
    Bill Baitinger Sgt At Arms $3,310.00
    Jim Livingston Sgt At Arms $1,860.00
    Mike McKiernan Housing Chairman $5,876.23
    Fred Mendell Health Benefits Officer $3,760.27
    Jack Bittner Chairman Trustees $6,010.56
    Tom Walsh Trustee $3,025.97
    Norm Spence Trustee $4,543.39
    Jim Serock Trustee $2,413.40
    Mike DiGiacomo Trustee $2,588.00

    Welcome New Members

    K L Small - Swedesboro
    W W McGuire - Marlton
    S E Clark - Mantua

    Branch Grievance Results

    Marlton - All employees will be treated with dignity and respect. ( 093098)
    Marlton - A total payment of $350 will be awarded to the carriers for the OT Violation on 11/12/98. (112498B)
    Atco - LOW issued grievant expunged. (021620B)
    Atco - Case held pending outcome issue at the National Level. (082099)
    Atco - Unless there are extenuating circumstances, a one-inch separation, where residual letters and flats will be cased, should be provided for each address. (051800)