Branch 908 March 2000 Newsletter

A Note From The Branch President

As you all well know, the pressures and frustrations of this job seem to be getting worse with each passing day. To try to help with this, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Cliff Prescott as the new Branch Chaplain. Cliff will bring a spiritual, non-denominational point of view to the table to help people with day-to-day stress. Cliff is a 20-year veteran of the Postal Service, and has had formal training in crisis management and family relations. So, if you feel the EAP-type programs are not the answer, Cliff's unique brand of Union and work experience, coupled with his professional background may be just what you need. He can be reached at 1104 Grant Ave., W. Collingswood, NJ 08107, (856)858-4118.

Next Meeting - March 15

The regular monthly meetings of the Branch are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, except in July and August. The next regular monthly meeting of the Branch will be on Wednesday, March 15, 8pm. At the Colonial Manor American Legion Post home, 502 Colonial Ave., N. Woodbury.

Branch Officers & Executive Board Meetings - March 8

The Branch Officers and the Executive Board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The Board of Officers meets at 7:30pm. and the Executive Board at 8pm. The next meetings of the Board of Officers and the Executive Board will be on Wednesday, March 8, at 7:30 and 8pm, respectively.

Attendance Prize Still At $250

Had he been there, S Procopio, a retired member of the Branch, would have been the recipient of the $250 attendance prize. The attendance prize now stands at $250 and will remain at that figure until someone in attendance at a regular monthly Branch meeting wins it. Branch Officers and Shop Stewards not included.

State Association Biannual Seminar
May 21-23

The 9th Biannual Seminar of the New Jersey State Association of Letter Carriers will be held at Bally's Grand Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesay, May 21 through 23. National Officers will be present to answer questions on Monday, and various workshop sessions covering such subjects as contract interpretation, health benefits, legislation, compensation, law, and hospitalization will be presented. The Branch doesn't budget for the attendance of anyone from the Branch to attend, but members can attend the sessions at their own expense.

2.7% FECA COLA Increase

Disabled federal employees currnetly receiving OWCP benefits will receive a 2.7% cost of living adjustment, effective March 1, reflected in the April 22 benefit payments. Also OWCP announced that benefit statements will soon be provided with benefit payments. (Fed Emp News Digest)

Third COLA $354

The third cost of living adjustment under the new National Agreement will be $354 annually, equivalent to 17 cents per hour, or $13.60 per pay period.

April 14 Retroactive Pay For Retirement-Eligible Carriers

City letter carriers who did not receive the one-time cash payments called for by the Fleischli Arbitration Award because of their retirement-eligible status will receive a full pay adjustment in their April 14 paychecks.

Paulsboro Arbitration Award

There was not just cause for the seven day suspension of the grievants. There was, however, just cause for the issuance of a letter of warning for each of the grievants. The suspensions are to be reduced to letters of warning, and each of the grievants is to be made whole. (Martha Cooper, Arbitrator)

AFL-CIO Union Counselors Needed

The Southern New Jersey AFL-CIO Central Labor Council and the Union Organization of Social Service are sponsoring this year's basic Union Counselor Program. The course is designed to teach union volunteers about the public and private services that are available to assist union members and their families. Participants who complete the program will become union counselors certified by the AFL-CIO. They will work to help members with human service needs and will provide confidential referrals to agencies and services. Once selected, the trainees will have their first session at UOSS Conference Room (4212 Beacon Ave., Pennsauken) Monday, March 27 from 6:30 to 8:30pm. There will be a total of 6 weekly sessions concluding on October 27. The cost of $15 for the training will be paid for by the Branch, and includes all course materials. If you would like to become and AFL-CIO certified Union Counselor, let the Branch know, and we will make the necessary arrangements for your training.

NALC MBA (Mutual Benefits Association) Phone Numbers

Your Branch Health and Mutual Benefits Association Officer, Fred Mendel, has advised that the NALC Mutual Benefits Association can be reached at the following numbers:
800-424-5184 - Tuesday & Thursdays, 8 am to 3:30 pm EDT
202-638-4318 - Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 3:30 pm EST

2000 Branch Budget

Copies of the proposed Branch Budget for 2000 were made available to the Branch membership in attendance at the February 16 regular monthly meeting of the Branch for review, discussion and vote at the March 15 Branch meeting.

1999 Management EVA Bonuses

OFFICE                       NAME                      POSITION               BONUS
Atco, NJ                  Dennison, George            Postmaster             $2,687.30
Atco, NJ                  Weigele Jr, John            C/S Supv               $2,510.61
Bellmawr, NJ              Mosley, Elwood              Dist Mgr               $10,564.19
Bellmawr, NJ              Fleury, Michael             Mgr Human Res          $3,118.60
Bellmawr, NJ              Hensel, Theresa             L/R Spec               $2,423.25
Bellmawr, NJ              Peters, George              L/R Spec               $2,687.30
Bellmawr, NJ              Shiflet, Douglas            PO Op Mgr              $2,780.04
Bellmawr, NJ              Solomon, Richard            L/R Mgr                $2,611.60
Bellmawr, NJ              Morris, Isacce              L/R Spec               $2,435.36
Blackwood, NJ             Alberti, Anthony            C/S Supv               $1,817.58
Blackwood, NJ             Delesandro, Edward          C/S Supv               $1,290.46
Blackwood, NJ             Johnston, Margaret          C/S Supv               $978.86
Blackwood, NJ             Mason, Denise               Postmaster             $2,183.52
Bridgeton, NJ             Borgese, Patricia           C/S Supv               $1,871.79
Bridgeton, NJ             Fleming, Frank              Postmaster             $2,690.31
Clayton, NJ               Gallaher, Walter            Postmaster             $2,105.16
Gibbstown, NJ             Mayo, Daniel                Postmaster             $1,613.66
Glassboro, NJ             Apgar, David                C/S Supv               $1,637.08
Glassboro, NJ             Gary, Patricia              Postmaster             $2,566.97
Glendora, NJ              Capotosti, John             Postmaster             $2,327.36
Gloucester City, NJ       Andrioli, Anthony           C/S Supv               $1,297.20
Gloucester City, NJ       Shiflet, Lynda              Postmaster             $2,234.51
Gloucester City, NJ       Thornton, James             C/S Supv               $1,302.75
Gloucester City, NJ       Vollaro, Robert             C/S Supv               $2,046.16
Haddon Heights, NJ        Barnes, John                Postmaster             $2,514.30
Haddon Heights, NJ        Lafferty, Kevin             C/S Supv               $1,627.13
Hammonton, NJ             Hacker, James               C/S Supv               $2,040.29
Hammonton, NJ             Lewandowski, Henry          Postmaster             $2,566.97
Kirkwood Voorhees, NJ     Glenn, John                 C/S Supv               $1,932.30
Kirkwood Voorhees, NJ     Hester, Darryl              C/S Supv               $1,621.66
Kirkwood Voorhees, NJ     Speechley, Donald           Postmaster             $2,477.93
Kirkwood Voorhees, NJ     Vignato, Gary               C/S Supv               $799.63
Mantua, NJ                Charlton, Daniel            C/S Supv               $2,128.37
Mantua, NJ                Daniels Jr, Nelson          Postmaster             $2,327.36
Maple Shade, NJ           Potts, Robert               C/S Supv               $2,004.49
Maple Shade, NJ           Powers, Dennis              C/S Supv               $2,136.90
Maple Shade, NJ           Waleed, Salim               Postmaster             $2,388.21
Marlton, NJ               Anderson, Wilbert           C/S Supv               $1,902.07
Marlton, NJ               Eley, Donald                C/S Supv               $2,040.29
Marlton, NJ               Finnegan, Richard           Team Member            $6,294.40
Marlton, NJ               Kearns, Thomas              TMS Spec               $2,217.33
Marlton, NJ               Koehler III, Philip         C/S Supv               $1,743.38
Mount Ephraim, NJ         Delp, Rickey                Postmaster             $2,287.65
National Park, NJ         Roccia, Anthony             Postmaster             $2,164.78
Paulsboro, NJ             Dickson, George             Postmaster             $2,566.97
Paulsboro, NJ             Kristen-Hood, Terri         C/S Supv               $1,283.70
Penns Grove, NJ           Dennis, Kenneth             C/S Supv               $2,040.29
Penns Grove, NJ           Rahil, Harvinder            Postmaster             $2,253.37
Pennsville, NJ            Mahaffey, Judy              C/S Supv               $1,952.40
Pennsville, NJ            Orr, Sue                    Postmaster             $8,370.30
Pitman, NJ                Carrasquillo, Gary          Postmaster             $2,170.52
Riverton, NJ              Cohen, Jeffrey              Postmaster             $2,390.68
Riverton, NJ              Murtin, Joseph              C/S Supv               $1,605.92
Riverton, NJ              O'toole, Richard            C/S Supv               $2,040.29
Runnemede, NJ             Fort Jr, Joseph             C/S Supv               $2,040.29
Runnemede, NJ             Schang, Charles             Postmaster             $2,327.36
Salem, NJ                 Muzzi, Eileen               Postmaster             $2,348.94
Salem, NJ                 Townsend, Ronald            C/S Supv               $1,713.50
Sewell, NJ                Dunn, Charles               C/S Supv               $2,040.29
Sewell, NJ                Knox, Catherine             Postmaster             $2,505.25
Sewell, NJ                Routzahn, David             C/S Supv               $5,944.18
Somerdale, NJ             Mims, Nadine                Postmaster             $1,545.40
Somerdale, NJ             Sees, John                  C/S Supv               $1,773.73
Stratford, NJ             Brauns, Robert              C/S Supv               $2,016.23
Stratford, NJ             Pendlebury, Granville       Postmaster             $2,327.36
Swedesboro, NJ            Vannucci, Joseph            Postmaster             $2,417.44
Wenonah, NJ               Derham, Marianne            Postmaster             $2,327.36
Wenonah, NJ               Hug, Clarence               C/S Supv               $1,688.92
West Berlin, NJ           Giancaterino, Leonard       Postmaster             $2,173.24
Westville, NJ             Diepold, Robert             Postmaster             $2,427.26
Westville, NJ             Garrity, Joseph             C/S Supv               $2,010.92
Williamstown, NJ          Haines, Charles             C/S Supv               $1,524.14
Williamstown, NJ          Kulikowski, Beverly         Postmaster             $2,694.75
Woodbury, NJ              Donahue, George             Postmaster             $2,780.07
Woodbury, NJ              Harrington, Donna           C/S Supv               $2,040.29
Woodbury, NJ              Miranda, David              C/S Supv               $1,947.37
Woodbury, NJ              Scelso, Elizabeth           C/S Supv               $1,947.89
Woodstown, NJ             Worrilow, William           Postmaster             $2,198.55
(Webmaster's note: Click here for the complete list.)

Thank You From Dianne

"I would like to thank you and the members of Branch 908 for their support for a difficult time in my life. The generosity shown by the members of Branch 908 is a testament to the caring men and women who work as letter carriers for the US Postal Service. With the assistance of my Union brothers and sisters, I was able to make my car payment. My sincere thanks to everyone." (Dianne Forand)

Attention: All Branch Menbers

All bills submitted to the Branch must be accompanied by a receipt showing the amount, nature of the bill and appropriate authorization. Any bill submitted without a receipt, will be subject to rejection by the Board of Trustees.

Paulsboro Mgt.: Our Apologies

We reported in a previous newsletter a grievance out of Paulsboro stating that the grievant was paid 10 hours penalty overtime for being forced to work over 12 hours. We were in error, the grievant was paid 10 hours administrative leave according to the Shop Steward at the time. (121699A)

Annual Branch Retirees' & Awards Breakfast
April 9

The annual Branch Retirees' and Awards Breakfast will be held this year on Sunday, April 9, at the Best Western West Deptford Inn, 101 Grove Rd.,Thorofare, NJ, Exit 20 off of I-295 South, commencing at 11 am. Branch members who have retired since the Breakfast in April of last year are hereby invited to attend the Breakfast at Branch expense for themselves, spouse or guest of their choice. All other Branch retirees who have retained their Branch membership after retirement are invited free of charge, for themselves only. Branch award recipients will be sent a notice of invitation to attend, free of charge for themselves, spouse or guest of their choice. The cost of admission for all others is $10 pp, children over 5 years of age, $5. All those planning to attend , must complete the below application and return it to PO Box 385, Woodbury, NJ 08096, by April 3.

This Year's Retirees*
L L Kammer
- Williamstown
E Horner - Somerdale
B Baitinger - Magnolia
E J Cummings - Blackwood
K R Villanova - Deptford
J E Duggins - Riverton
R J Stoltz - Bellmawr
G T Hampton - Penns Grove
F DiSordi - Hammonton
J R Sampson Jr - Salem
B Dermond - Runnemede
J Bittner - Wenonah
(*)If we missed anyone, let us know.


Name: ________________________________

Check one:   ( )Honored Retiree   ( )Branch Retiree   ( )Award Recipient   ( )Other

Number of Admissions Requested:  (___) Free   (___) Paid

Check Enclosed For number of paid admissions: (___) in the amount of: ________