Happy New Year!

A Note From the President

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the past Branch Officers and Shop Stewards for their many years of unselfish service to this Branch. Jim Serock and Tom Walsh who served as Trustees did any job that was asked of them, menial or important, always thinking of Branch 908 first. Mike McKiernan, whose title was Housing Chairman, but in reality did everything from A to Z to help this Branch and myself prosper. Lastly, Joe Walder, the most honest and unselfish man that I have ever had the pleasure to work with - Thanks!
To our new Officers, Gary DiGiacomo, Steve Rutkowski and Donna Villec, I pledge my support "100%" to help make your terms rewarding and successful in serving the members of Branch 908.

Steve Lipski, President

January Meeting - Installation Of Officers, Shop Stewards - January 16

The next regular monthly meeting of the Branch will be held on Wednesday, January 16, 8 PM sharp. At this meeting the office of our National Business Agent, Tim O'Malley and his staff, have been invited to install our recently elected Branch Officers and Shop Stewards for the 2002-04 term. The regular monthly meetings of the Branch are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, except for the months of July and August.

Branch Officers & Executive Board Meetings - January 9

The Branch Board of Officers and Executive Board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The Board of Officers at 7:30 p.m., and the Executive Board at 8 p.m.. The next meetings of the Board of Officers and the Executive Board will be on Wednesday, January 9, at 7:30 and 8 PM respectively.

Branch Election Committee

This is to publicly express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the following members of the Branch Election Committee who did an outstanding job of prepping for, mailing and tabulating the Branch 2002-04 election ballots:
Mike Fitzgerald - Deptford
Paul Poniatowski - Runnemede
Andy Dealy - Deptford
Eric Walter - Gloucester
John Hall - Sewell

Branch Election Results

Steve Lipski **

Vice President
Gary DiGiacomo (208)* Joe Walder (162)

Recording Secretary
Bill Revak **

Tom Barnett (209) * Mike McKiernan (160)

Financial Secretary
Bob Stoltz (177) John Vito (193)*

Assistant Recording Secretary
Ed Friel **

Chairman Trustees
Jack Bittner **

Trustees - 4 Elected
Norm Spence (263)* Steve Rutkowski (244)*
Mike DiGiacomo (274)* Donna Villec (248)*
Jim Comuso (187) Mary Hackett (201)

Sgt At Arms
Fred Jurimas (94) Jim Livingston (257)*

Health Benefits Officer
Fred Mendel **

Shop Steward - Riverton
Harry Smith (15)* Jim Livingston (6)

Convention Delegates - 21 Elected
N. Spence (280)* B. Revak (325)*
B. Gore (136) J. Vito (293)* 
T. Barnett (307)* M. Louden (121)
G. DiGiacomo (287)* S. Lipski (325)*
E. Friel (260)* F. Mendel (190)* 
J. Buniak (140) M. Hackett (187)
S. Rutkowski (247)* D. Singleton (195)* 
M. DiGiacomo (254)* J. Walder (253)*
B. Stoltz (276)* J. Bittner (260)*
T. Walsh (244)* H. Smith (123)
M. McKiernan (243)* B. Dermond (117)
J. Serock (202)* J. Livingston (220)*
D. Villec (248)* W. Sheltman (96)
F. Potts (163) N. Task (223)*
J. Comuso (232)*
(**) =  unopposed (*) = Elected

Shop Stewards 2002-04

Atco G. Brandt
Bellmawr M. DiGiacomo
Blackwood G. DiGiacomo
Bridgeton D. Connelly
Clayton N. Spence
Gibbstown P. Sheets
Glassboro A. Dressner
Glendora G. DiGiacomo
Gloucester S. Lipski
Haddon Hts. J. Bittner
Hammonton F. Ingemi
Lawnside J. Bittner
Magnolia L. Evans
Mantua B. Gore
Maple Shade J. Laluk
Marlton M. Hackett
Marlton B. Watson
Mt. Ephraim F. Mendel
National Park J. Comuso
Paulsboro S. Rutkowski
Penns Grove N. Spence
Pennsville P. Eller
Pitman S. Rutkowski
Riverton H. Smith
Runnemede F. Mendel
Salem N. Spence
Sewell H. Harrison
Somerdale B. Zurlo
Stratford J. Barlow
Swedesboro S. Falls
Voorhees S. Rutkowski
Wenonah J. Bittner
West Berlin T. Carey
Westville T. Allen
Williamstown W. Beschler
Woodbury M. McKiernan
Woodbury J. Buniak
Woodstown D. Hogate

Attendance Prize Stands At $200

Had he been at the regular monthly meeting of the Branch on December 19, M C Reed, an eligible member of the Branch working out of the Glassboro office, would have been the recipient of the $175 attendance prize. The prize now stands at $200 for the January 16, 2002, regular monthly meeting of the Branch.

Sombrotto Reelected AFL-CIO Vice President

NALC President Vincent R. Sombrotto was reelected to a new four-year term as a vice president of the American Federation of Labor Council on Industrial Organization (AFL-CIO) at the 13 million-member federation's convention in Las Vegas December 3-6. With his reelection, Sombrotto retains his position of top seniority among vice presidents on the federation's Executive Council, which governs day-to-day activities of the labor body.

Removal Of Casuals

Article 12.5.C.5. a(2) means that all casuals must be removed if it will eliminate the impact on regular workforce employees. The Employer must eliminate all casual employees to the extent that it will minimize the impact on the regular workforce. (Agreement reached on C-22368 Nat. Arb. Award)

Pogo Stick On Wheels Being Tested To Speed Up Carriers

According to the Federal Times, the USPS said that it would test Ginger, a device that looks like a pogo stick on wheels, to see if it might be suitable for transporting mail carriers on their routes. The Ginger is a vehicle that can travel up to 12 hours on a single electrical recharge and can reach speeds of 17 mph. The industrial strength model sells for $8,000.

National Contract Extensions Agreed To

The parties at the National Level have agreed to extend the current period of national contract negotiations. Pending conclusion of this extension, the parties have agreed to the following:
Article 12.3.A. -The bid count for the five (5) successful bids during the term of the next National Agreement began on November 21, 2001.
Article 10.4.A. - Choice vacation selections are to proceed as provided in the 1998-2001 National Agreement and/or corresponding local Memoranda of Understanding.

Branch Memorabilia Wanted - 100th Year Anniversary Coming Up

The Branch will be celebrating its 100th year anniversary in 2003. Newspaper clippings, photos and/or any other memorabilia of our merged offices would be appreciated. Contact John Vito.

Start The New Year Off Right:
Make A Donation To COLCPE

In 2002 all 435 seats in the House Of Representatives will be up for grabs. When you get your W-2 Form the wages you earned in 2001 were protected by the donations you gave to COLCPE for the election of House Representatives who looked out for the interests of Labor. Start the New Year off right, make a donation to COLCPE!!

Notice To Direct Pay Retirees

Your annual dues of $12 are due and payable for the 2002 calendar year. Make checks payable to : NALC Branch 908, PO Box 385, Woodbury, NJ, 08096: The Branch direct pay retirees are:
William Cleary Dominic Corsoe
Joe Keown George Koerner, Jr.
Florence Morgey John Russell
Peter Yougin, Jr.

Managers Receive $125 Million In Performance Pay

USPS managers will receive nearly $125 million in performance pay for fiscal year 2001. According to the Post Office, nearly 85,000 executives, managers and postmasters met at least one of several goals that entitle them to the pay. Pay for performance is given to postal managers in lieu of annual pay raises, and is less costly than annual pay raises equal to what federal executives receive.

Cellular Phone Use

South Jersey District policy mandates that no postal drivers are allowed to use personal cell phones while operating vehicles. The Safety Office is not opposed to using personal cell phones if the driver is out of traffic and stopped (e.g., 10-minute street breaks, lunches, etc.).

The Postal Service has also issued guidelines for driving which includes "never finger mail or hold mail in your hands while you drive," and "never wear headphones or any other device that can diminish your hearing while you are operating a motor vehicle."