February 1999 Newsletter

Next Meeting - February 17

The regular monthly meetings of the Branch are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, except in July and August. The next regular monthly meeting of the Branch will be on Wednesday, February 17, 8pm. At the Colonial Manor American Legion Post home, 502 Colonial Ave., N. Woodbury.

Branch Officers, Executive Board Meetings - February 10

The Branch Officers and the Executive Board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The Board of Officers meets at 7pm. and the Executive Board at 8pm. The next meetings of the Board of Officers and the Executive Board will be on Wednesday, February 10, at 7 and 8pm. respectively.

Attendance Prize - $75

The Branch meeting attendance prize now stands at $75. Had he been in attendance at the last monthly meeting in January, B. Frame, Bellmawr letter carrier would have been the recipient of the $50 attendance prize. The prize increases in increments of $25 monthly until someone in attendance at a Branch meeting has his name drawn by the Sgt. at Arms.

Food Drive - Saturday, May 8
Larry Spera Chairs Branch Food Drive

The Branch has registered to participate in the National Food Drive carried out by the National Association of Letter Carriers and the United States Postal Service on Saturday, May 8. Again this year, the AFL-CIO Central Labor Councils and affiliated unions and local United Ways are ready to provide a helping hand. Larry Spera, Branch member working out of the Pitman office has volunteered to chair the food drive for the Branch.

City - Rural Jurisdictional Arbitration Award

"In any jurisdictional dispute prompted by conversion of a sizable number of deliveries from city to rural service, the union whose members have long performed the work presumptively retains the right to that work. However, worth in the abstract, operational justifications (such as a desire to square boundaries, eliminate commingling, and improve efficiency) do not by themselves overcome that presumption."

Annual Congressional Breakfast

The annual NJ Congressional Breakfast will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Wash., DC, March 16 - 18. Rap session on the evening of Wednesday, March 17.

'98 EVA Management Bonuses

E Mosley                  District Manager                 $10483.26
W Broadway                POOM                             $2299.22
J Coyle                   Cust Srvc Analyst                $1876.48
V Evans                   Cust Srvc Analyst                $1849.21
M Fleury                  Mgr Human Res                    $3068.91
T Hensel                  Labor Rel Spec                   $2401.21
J McClure                 Sr Oper Analyst                  $2671.60
I Morris                  Labor Rel Spec                   $2425.66
K Moyer                   POOM                             $3023.64
E O'Neill                 Sr Safety/Health                 $2381.27
R Overton                 Sr Inj Comp Spec                 $1966.49
G Peters                  Labor Rel Spec                   $2671.60
B Schroeder               Mgr Oper Prog Sup                $6262.52
D Shiflet                 Mgr PO Opers                     $2706.61
R Solomon                 Sr Labor Rel Spec                $2577.64
G Dennison                Postmaster                       $2761.60
D Fean                    Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1766.98
A Alberti                 Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1625.61
E Delasandro              Supvr Cust Srvc                  $762.45
M Johnson                 Supvr Cust Srvc                  $203.86
D Mason                   Postmaster                       $2034.22
P Borgese                 Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1764.57
F Fleming                 Postmaster                       $2677.66
S Marcus                  Supvr Cust Srvc                  $935.06
R Waller                  Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1726.49
W Gallagher               Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1937.47
D Giberson                Postmaster                       $1382.48
D Apgar                   Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1501.61
P Gary                    Postmaster                       $2556.21
J Capotosti               Postmaster                       $2320.34
D Hickey                  Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1937.47
L Shiflet                 Postmaster                       $2052.99
R Vollaro                 Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1949.32
Haddon Hts
J Barnes                  Postmaster                       $2481.00
K Lafferty                Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1465.12
J Macker                  Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1937.47
H Lewandowski             Postmaster                       $2558.21
Kirkwood - Voorhees
J Glenn                   Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1821.61
D Speechley               Postmaster                       $2435.28
S Jones                   Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1569.51
J Kinsler                 Postmaster                       $1732.04
R Morabito                Postmaster                       $1826.43
D Charlton                Supvr Cust Srvc                  $2115.40
D Daniels                 Postmaster                       $2320.34
Maple Shade
M Flores-Jones            Postmaster                       $2383.64
R Potts                   Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1689.67
D Powers                  Supvr Cust Srvc                  $2035.78
W Anderson                Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1783.06
D Eley                    Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1937.47
R Finnegan                Team Spec Proj                   $6246.39
P Koehler                 Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1187.31
J Miksit                  OIC                              $2125.17
Mt Ephraim
J Kenney                  Postmaster                       $3456.21
National Park
A Roccia                  Postmaster                       $2316.61
G Dickson                 Postmaster                       $2556.21
T Kristen-Wood            Supvr Cust Srvc                  $730.39
Penns Grove
K Dennis                  Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1937.47
R Eller                   Postmaster                       $6135.89
J Mahaffey                Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1840.55
S Orr                     Postmaster                       $2770.43
G Carrasquillo            Postmaster                       $2086.56
J Cohen                   Postmaster                       $2303.53
J Murtin                  Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1436.66
R O'Toole                 Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1937.47
J Forster                 Postmaster                       $2320.34
J Fort                    Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1937.47
E Muzzi                   Postmaster                       $2297.50
R Townsend                Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1593.18
C Dunn                    Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1937.47
M Muhammad                Postmaster                       $2669.28
D Routzahn                Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1849.21
C Knox                    Postmaster                       $2347.89
J Sees                    Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1586.21
R Brauns                  Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1900.72
G Pendlebury              Postmaster                       $2320.34
J Vannucci                Postmaster                       $2357.73
M Derham                  Postmaster                       $2320.34
C Hug                     Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1578.52
A Klink                   Supvr Cust Srvc                  $4398.04
West Berlin
L Giancaterino            Postmaster                       $2043.04
R Diepold                 Postmaster                       $2393.70
J Garrity                 Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1895.72
C Haines                  Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1270.41
B Kulikowski              Postmaster                       $2686.64
D Mayo                    Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1454.30
G Donahue                 Postmaster                       $2728.76
D Harrington              Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1937.47
R Norman                  Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1841.64
S Riccardi                Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1871.42
E Scelso                  Supvr Cust Srvc                  $1636.31
W Worrilow                Postmaster                       $2189.97

[For more South Jersey District EVA Bonuses, click Here]

Rap Session February 21 - 23

The annual Region 12 RAP Session will be held at the TRUMP PLAZA hotel and casino on February 21, 22, and 23. The session begins at 9 am on Monday the 22nd and ends at 1 pm on Tuesday the 23rd. All Branch Officers and Shop Stewards are urged to attend. Let Vice President Steve Lipski know of your intentions so that he can remit the $10 registration fee for each person attending.

Branch Grievance Results

Deptford - Employees on the OTDL available at the time in question who had the least amount of OT for the quarter will be paid 1 hour OT for OT work performed by non OTDL carrier. (122398)

Step 3 Grievance Settlements

Blackwood - Letter of warning recinded because discussion was cited as an element of past record. (111698)
Blackwood - Letter of warning recinded because discussion was cited as element of past record. (111798)
Riverton - grievant paid 40 hours back pay, and all discipline will be removed on 10/5/99 as long as there is no similar, subsequesnt discipline issued. (100698A)
Voorhees - Resolved: management will provide requested documentation. (091598)
Maple Shade - Resolved: The parties at Step 3 have been informed that two PTF carriers will be obtained by the end of February, 1999.(110698)
Voorhees - Resolved: Management will ensure that the necessary paperwork for the settlements at issue will be completed expeditiously. Interest will be paid at the federal judgement rate. (092198)
Riverton - Resolved: The senior PTF will be promoted to full time and assigned the position vacated. (110698)
Voorhees - Resolved: Management will provide requested documentation. (091598)
Clayton - Resolved: The grievant's absence of 9/3/98 will be changed to annual leave. (091498)
Maple Shade - Resolved: In accordance with the joint agreement dated October 8, 1998, the previously agreed upon approach for handling unadressed flats must be adhered to unless the parties mutually agree to change. (091798)
Riverton - Resolved: Management will adhere to the local pecking order for holiday scheduling. In accordance with Article 11.6 of the National Agreement, management will post a holiday schedule as of the Tuesday preceding the service week in which the holiday falls. The schedule will include both the actual and designated holidays involved. Carriers Depew and Briles will be paid 8 hours at the appropriate rate for September 7, 1998. (091698)

Curbside Delivery Policy

The National and District policy on curbside delivery is as follows:
Employees performing curbside delivery from right hand drive vehicles, shall follow the procedures listed below:
1. Level street or road
Place the vehicle in neutral (N) place foot firmly on brake peddle while collecting mail or placing mail in mailbox.
2. On Hills
Place vehicle in park (P) place foot firmly on brake peddle while collecting mail or placing mail in mailbox. (Step 4 agreement, 12/21/77)

Providing Permanent Relief

In accordance with a national pre-arbitration settlement under date of December 11, 1987, when a route requires permanent adjustment to place it on as nearly an 8-hour basis as possible, permanent relief will be provided. Permanent relief will not be provided by giving auxiliary assistance or by requiring the regular carrier to work overtime.

Change In Backing Policy

"After reading the policy as written and evaluating various parking locations throughout our performance cluster, we will not "mandate" the backing policy for all privately owned vehicles parked on postal lots. Each Postmaster/Manager is however encouraged to evaluate the parking availability in his/her office (on a case by case basis) to determine if backing into the parking spaces provided can be accomplished safely." (District memo, 1/12/99, to all PM's SJD)

Proposed Branch Budget

The Branch Board of Officers has met and will be presenting the proposed Branch budget for 1999 at the February meeting for consideration of the Branch membership in attendance.