A Note From the President

The last election was very rewarding for some and very heartbreaking for others. Nonetheless, every candidate knows this and expects a roller coaster ride of emotions. However, this election took on a strange and frightening twist. In order to run a successful election you need a strong and diligent Election Committee. The Branch Election Committee was just that. On the last day of ballot counting, Committee Chairman Mike Fitzgerald was involved in a motor vehicle accident on route to the meeting. After taking care of the formalities at the accident scene, Mike came to the meeting to fulfill his commitment to the Branch. As Mike was heading home he started to feel ill so he decided to go to the emergency ward. As routine X-rays were taken, an astonished doctor found that Mike had broken his neck. As everyone knows, a broken neck is a very serious and time-consuming injury. In a few weeks Mike will be without leave to cover his absences. We have asked the Postal Service to put Mike on the Leave Sharing Program so that Branch members can donate leave to help his situation. We hope that the notice will be circulating in the next couple of days. Please do your best.
Steve Lipski, President

Next Meeting - February 20

The next regular monthly meeting of the Branch will be held on Wednesday, February 20, 8 pm, at the American Legion Hall, 502 Colonial Ave., north Woodbury. Regular monthly meetings of the Branch are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month except in July and August.

Branch Officers & Executive Board Meetings - February 13

The Branch Board of Officers and Executive Board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The Board of Officers at 7:30 p.m., and the Executive Board at 8 p.m.. The next meetings of the Board of Officers and the Executive Board will be on Wednesday, February 13, at 7:30 and 8 PM respectively.

Branch Officers, Shop Stewards Installed

The 2002-04 Branch Officers and Shop Stewards were installed at the January meeting by Assistant National Business Agent Shelly Williams who installed the Officers and Shop Stewards, addressed the meeting and answered questions on a variety of subjects from the membership in attendance.

Attention: All Convention Delegates

Article 5, Section 19 of the Branch Constitution and By-Laws provides that: "Branch compensated convention delegates must attend all delegates' meetings called by the Branch prior to said convention in order to receive payment for the expenses of transportation, housing and meals. There will be no exceptions, unless notification is served and the delegates in attendance at such meeting excuse an absence for good and sufficient reason."

Branch Officers, Shop Stewards, 2002-04

Branch Officers

President: Steve Lipski
Vice President: Gary DiGiacomo
Recording Secretary: Bill Revak
Treasurer: Tom Barnett
Financial Secretary: John Vito
Assist. Rec. Secretary: Ed Friel
Trustees' Chairman: Jack Bittner
Trustee: Mike DiGiacomo
Trustee: Norm Spence
Trustee: Donna Villec
Trustee: Steve Rutkowski
Health Ben. Officer: Fred Mendel
Housing Chairman: Paul Poniatowski
Sgt. At Arms: Jim Livingston
COLCPE Chairman: Norm Task

Shop Stewards

Atco George Greenwood
Bellmawr Mike DiGiacomo
Blackwood Gary DiGiacomo
Bridgeton Don Connelly
Clayton Norm Spence
Gibbstown Paul Sheets
Glassboro Bill Dougherty
Glendora Gary DiGiacomo
Gloucester Steve Lipski
Haddon Hts. Jack Bittner
Hammonton Frank Ingemi
Lawnside Jack Bittner
Magnolia Lou Evans
Mantua Bill Gore
Maple Shade Joe Laluk
Marlton Mary Hackett
Marlton Bruce Watson
Mt. Ephraim Fred Mendel
National Park Jim Comuso
Paulsboro Steve Rutkowski
Penns Grove Norm Spence
Pennsville Phil Eller
Pitman Steve Rutkowski
Riverton Harry Smith
Runnemede Fred Mendel
Salem Norm Spence
Sewell Harry Harrison
Somerdale Bob Zurlo
Stratford Jim Barlow
Swedesboro Shannon Falls
Voorhees Steve Rutkowski
Wenonah Jack Bittner
West Berlin Tom Carey
Westville Ted. Allen
Williamstown Wayne Beschler
Woodbury Mike McKiernan
Woodbury Jack Buniak
Woodstown Dave Hogate

Proposed By-Law Amendments

The following proposed amendments to the Branch By-Laws were submitted to the By-Laws Committee who reviewed and read them at the January meeting. Accordingly, they shall be debated and voted upon at the February 20 regular monthly meeting:

Proposal to amend Article 5, Elections, Section 3
Section 3 now reads as follows: The listing of names of nominees for all Branch Officers and Convention Delegates shall be placed on the election ballot in an order corresponding to the results of a lottery selection of the nominees for such office.
Proposed change: Add to Section 3, Article 5, that the full names of nominees for office shall be listed on the election ballot.

Proposal to add to Section 4, Article 5, Elections
Section 4 now reads as follows: Nominations shall be made from the meeting floor, or in writing to the Branch Recording Secretary, mailed or presented to him prior to or at the October nominating meeting. Each eligible member of the Branch nominated for office shall accept or reject nomination for the record, in person or in writing prior to adjournment of the October regular monthly Branch meeting. Failure to accept nomination prior to adjournment of the October regular monthly Branch meeting will invalidate the nomination.
Proposed change: Add to Section 4 that the Names and office worked at shall be taken by the Assistant Recording Secretary of all members making any nomination.

Proposal to add to Article 5, Section 6
Section 6 now reads: The Election Committee shall be appointed by the Branch Executive Board after all nominations have been completed. No one nominated for election can be appointed to the Election Committee. However, where there is an absence of eligible volunteers or members for appointment to the Election Committee, the Committee may include those nominated for Branch Office, Shop Steward, or Convention Delegate who have no opposition for the position(s) for which nominated.
Proposed change: The Election Committee shall be selected at the October regular meeting by the Branch President with the approval of the Executive Board.

Proposal to amend Article 5, Section 12
Section 12 now reads: A member elected to represent the Branch as a Branch compensated Delegate to a National or State Convention must have attended at least eleven (11) regular monthly or Executive Board meetings of the Branch from the month of the last National Convention to and including the month of the October Branch nominations. Only one monthly Branch meeting, the regular monthly or the Executive Board meetings, will be counted toward attaining the eleven (11) meeting requirement to be a compensated Delegate.
Proposed change: The months of July and August , although no meetings are held, will be counted toward attendance requirement.

Proposal to amend Article 9, Section 3
Section 3 now reads: In the event of the death of a spouse, children, or parents of an active Branch member, an appropriate spray of flowers or equivalent payment shall be made to an organization requested by the bereaved family or beneficiary.
Proposed change: In the event of the death of the spouse, children, or parents of an active Branch member, or the death of an active or retired member in good standing, an appropriate spray of flowers or equivalent payment will be made to an organization requested by the bereaved family or beneficiary.

Proposal to amend Article 15, Section 1
Section 1 now reads as follows: These By-Laws shall not be altered or amended except by a majority vote of all members present and voting at a regular meeting called for that purpose semi-annually in February and June. All proposed amendments shall first be presented to the By-Laws Committee, which shall review same for the purpose of conformity of language and lack of ambiguity only. The By-Laws Committee shall exercise no control over the intent or purpose of the proposals. The proposed amendments shall then be read by the Chairperson of the By-Laws Committee at a regular monthly meeting of the Branch after which they shall, except for good and sufficient or emergency considerations approved by the Executive Board, be laid over until the semi-annual meeting at which time they shall be debated and voted upon after having been published in the Branch Newsletter.
Proposed change:
Remove: These By-Laws shall not be altered or amended except by a majority vote of all members present and voting at a regular meeting called for that purpose semi-annually in February and June.
Replace with: These By-Laws shall not be altered or amended except by a majority vote of all the members present and voting at a regular meeting.

2002 Proposed Branch Budget

The Branch Trustees, with the aid of the Board of Officers, have formulated the 2002 Branch Budget, which shall be presented for the approval of the Executive Board at their regular monthly meeting on February 13 and the Branch membership at the regular monthly meeting of the Branch on February 20.

Branch Grievance Results

Blackwood: 4 carriers will divide 6.75 hours penalty overtime for time spent by a rural carrier performing city carrier work on Sunday, November 17, 2001. (112201)
Pre-Arb Settlements
Sewell: The 7-day suspension issued the grievant on 1/26/01 will be removed from his OPF and reduced to a discussion effective 3/7/02. (020901)
Pennsville: 9 carriers to be paid a lump sum of $500 each for the failure of management to properly adjust the routes subsequent to a count and inspection in April, 1998. (061698B, 061598C, 061498D, 061598E, 061598F 061598G, 061598H, 061598J, 061598K)
Step B Decisions
Blackwood: Management did violate Article 7.3.C. of the National Agreement. The senior PTF will be promoted to regular. (112301)
Riverton: Management did violate the terms of the grievance settlement and will pay the 3 grievants involved at their overtime rate for 13.39, 17.30, and 14.1 hours respectively. Management will fill out and mail a 2204 for these payments upon receipt of this decision. (110101)
Atco: Letter of warning issued the grievant on 12/13/00 for unsatisfactory attendance shall be expunged from the grievant's OPF. (121300)

Welcome New Members

Williamstown:   B. J. Wittig
Woodbury:   M. McNeill
Woodbury:   K. Kong
Somerdale:   E. C. Mauger

Congratulations: Recently Retired Members

Blackwood:   Anthony Sposto
Glassboro:   Ernest Viehweg
Riverton:   Jim Mann

Attendance Prize: $225

Retiree A. J. Whitton would have been the winner of the $200 attendance prize had he been at the January meeting. The prize now stands at $225 for the regular monthly meeting of the Branch on Wednesday, February 20.

Non-Member Listing As Of 1/2/02

Gattone -Atco Hryniw - Blackwood
Schappert - Gibbstown S E Smith - Glendora
G A Brown - Haddon Hts Guerra - Haddon Hts
Earling - Voorhees Anconetani - Maple Shade
Griffin - Maple Shade Kuttruf - Maple Shade
Dela Garza - Marlton Apartin - Marlton
Kilgore - Marlton Walker - Mt. Ephraim
Doncheva - National Park Samuels - Pennsville
McCallister - Pennsville Briles - Riverton
Rossell - Riverton Nottle - Riverton
Breitenstine - Runnemede Mauger - Somerdale
Pendlebury - Somerdale Jim Boyle - Stratford
Peace - Stratford Butler-Gaines - Stratford