A Note From the President

At the General Membership meeting, the Branch will present a guest speaker who will discuss investment opportunities within our current Thrift Saving Plan Retirement System. Mark Fisher, a financial consultant for Hillary Lyons, will discuss the different investment strategies as it applies to our different funds under our Retirement Plan. For the novice investor, it's a good time to come out and decipher the different options that are available.
On April 28, the Branch will hold its annual political action fundraiser at the Highland Tavern at 308 Orlando Ave., Gloucester City. If you were going north on Rt. 130, you would make a left turn on Klem Avenue (liquor barn). Go under the overpass and make the first left (Orlando). Go approximately a block and a half. The Highland is located on your left. If you are going south on 130, make a right on Klem Avenue and follow the previous directions.
The Branch is in the final stages of developing a dental plan for your review. The latest stumbling block is the completion of the Branch census. We still have to identify date of birth and sex for all Branch members in order to complete our database for the prospective plan. As of this date, we are attempting to gather this information from NALC Headquarters. I will keep you informed of all developments.
Steve Lipski, President

Next Meeting - April 17

The next regular monthly meeting of the Branch will be held on Wednesday, April 17, 8 pm, at the American Legion Hall, 502 Colonial Ave., North Woodbury. Regular monthly meetings of the Branch are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month except in July and August.

Branch Officers & Shop Stewards Meeting - April 10

The Branch Board of Officers and Executive Board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The Board of Officers at 7:30 p.m., and the Executive Board at 8 p.m. The next meeting of the Board of Officers and Executive Board will be on Wednesday, April 10, 7:30 and 8 pm respectively.

Attention: All Convention Delegates

The next meeting of the convention delegates will be on Wednesday, April 24, 8 PM. Any prospective resolutions and/or amendments to be presented to the National Convention should be submitted for discussion at this meeting. Compensated and non-compensated delegates are hereby apprised of this meeting. Delegates elected to be compensated for their attendance at the National Convention must attend delegate meetings or face the possible forfeiture of their travel and per-diem benefits.

$250 Attendance Prize

Had he been at the March 20 meeting, L R Price, a member out of Blackwood, would have been the winner of the $250 attendance prize. The prize now stands at $250 until someone wins.

Annual Retirees' And Branch Awards Breakfast - Sunday, April 21

The annual Retirees' and Branch Awards Breakfast will be held on Sunday, April 21, 11 am, at the Best Western West Deptford Inn, 101 Grove Rd., Thorofare, New Jersey, Exit 20, off of I-295 South. Branch members who have retired since the last Retirees' Breakfast on April 22, 2001, will be honored, as well as those members of the Branch nominated for Branch Awards for service above and beyond the call of duty. Thus far the following Branch members have retired since last April:
Robert Mason Maple Shade John DeSant Glassboro
Anthony Sposto Blackwood Carol Hemrick Mantua
Paul Welsh Gloucester James Mann Riverton
Ernest Viehweg Glassboro George Jackson Sewell
John Mader Gloucester

The following members of the Branch will be presented an award for their long, dedicated and devoted services:
Joe Walder Tom Walsh Jim Serock Frank Matkowski
Gaylyn Brandt Mike McKiernan

Retirees and others being honored by the Branch on April 21, their spouses or significant others are invited to attend the Breakfast at no expense. All retirees who have retained their NALC membership are invited to attend without cost. The cost of admission to all others is $10 pp, $5 for children over 5. Those planning to attend must complete and forward the form below to the Branch Secretary at PO Box 385, Woodbury, NJ., 08096, by April 14.

                             please print

Check One:  (  ) This Year Retiree            (  ) Retiree

                    (  ) Award Recipient              (  ) Others

Number Attending With You Free Of Charge: _______

Number Of Paid Admissions Attending With You: _______

Amount Enclosed For Paid Admissions: _______

Bowlers, Walkers, Scholarships

Donna Villec, Branch member, Trustee, and Burlington County AFL-CIO Vice President, is looking for Branch members who would like to bowl in the NALC NJ State Association tournament; for walkers for the March of Dimes Walkathon on Sunday, April 28, and anyone interested in applying for a Burlington County AFL-CIO scholarship. Donna can be reached at the Riverton Post Office.

Don't Forget COLCPE night at the Highland Tavern, Gloucester, Sunday, April 28, 5-9 pm

Don't Forget Mike Fitzgerald

Mike, the Chairman of the Branch Election Committee, was involved in a motor vehicle accident just prior to coming to the office to count Branch election ballots in December, subsequent to which he discovered that he had sustained a broken neck in the accident. He is in dire need of financial assistance since he will be out of work for a good period of time while recuperating. Under the leave sharing program he is eligible for the receipt of leave donations to cover his prolonged absences from work. If you have some leave that you can share, or money that you would like to donate to the cause, call Mike McKiernan at the Deptford Post Office , 232-3919, or send donations to Mike Fitzgerald, 33 Lupton Ave., Woodbury 08096.

Branch Scholarships

The Branch has an established scholarship fund which provides for an annual $2000, four-year, $500 per year scholarship for the children, grandchildren, step or adopted children of active or retied members of the Branch. The annual scholarship is awarded by way of a drawing from the names of those eligible who submit application for the scholarship. For further information and applications, contact Steve Rutkowski, Branch Scholarship Chairman.

In Memoriam

Charity Elizabeth Barnett - The beloved mother of Tom Barnett, Branch Treasurer. Condolences may be sent to Tom's family at 318 Glover St., Woodbury, and/or Memorial contributions may be made to The National Life Center, 686 N., Broad St., Woodbury, 08096.
Elizabeth D. Athey - The beloved mother-in-law of Mike McKiernan, Shop Steward, Deptford, and former Branch Officer. Memorial donations may be made to Saint Mary's R.C. Church, 426 Monmouth Street, Gloucester City.

Attention: Branch Officers & Shop Stewards

A new USPS-NALC Joint Step A Grievance Form, PS Form 8190 (February 2002) with instructions, has been adopted for the use of the parties. Copies can be found on the Branch 908 Web site, or at the Branch office.

School Board Election Day - April 16

New Jersey School Board elections day is Tuesday, April 16. The following AFL-CIO members are running for election and are asking for your vote:
Dan Cosner IBEW 351 Gloucester City
Michael Brandimarto UFCW 1360 Monroe Twsp
Paul Craig Teamsters Monroe Twsp
Michael Bailey Roofers 30 Monroe Twsp

10th Biannual Seminar

The 10th Biannual Seminar of the NJ State Association of Letter Carriers will be held at the Hilton Hotel & Casino on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, June 9-11. National Officers will be available to answer questions during the general session on Monday, June 10, and workshop sessions covering such subjects as contract interpretation, health benefits, legislation, compensation, law and hospitalization will be held.

Project Labor Agreements Legislation

Legislation has been proposed in the NJ Senate that would authorize a public entity that undertakes a public works' project to enter into a project agreement with one or more appropriate labor organizations. NJ Senators Diane Allen and William Gormley are the only area legislators that have not co-sponsored the bill. Please contact these Senators and urge them to support the PLA legislation:

Senator Diane Allen


Senator William Gormley


COLCPE Night At The Highland

Come on out for COLCPE night at the Highland Tavern, Gloucester City, on Sunday, April 28, and enjoy the antics of guest bartender John Vito. Half the proceeds for the evening will go to the Branch COLCPE fund. For details, contact Steve Lipski.

Federal Long Term Care Insurance

The OPM is sponsoring a high-quality long term care insurance program for members of the Federal Family in contract with Metropolitan Life and John Hancock Insurance Company. The insurance is not available yet, but will have an early enrollment opportunity from March 25 to May 15, with an open season from July 1 to December 31, 2002.

MSP Settlement Agreement

1. Management will determine the number of scans on a city delivery route. Time credit will continue to be given during route count and inspections, and will be credited in total street time.
2. MSP records of scan times cannot be used as time card data for pay purposes, and may not constitute the sole basis for disciplinary action.
However, it may be used by the parties in conjunction with other records to support or refute disciplinary action issued pursuant to Article 16 of the National Agreement.
3. Carriers have the option of using a personal identification number (PIN) other than the 4 last digits of their social security number.
4. Except in emergency situations or where service conditions preclude compliance, no employee may be required to work more than 6 continuous hours without a meal or rest period of at least 1/2 hour.
5. Lunch locations for both the incumbent and carrier technician continue to be determined in compliance with Section 126.5 b(2) of the M-39. PS Form 1564A "Delivery Instructions" lists the place and time that city letter carriers are authorized to leave the route for lunch. However, the parties recognize that, consistent with local instructions and operational conditions, city letter carrier may be authorized to leave at a different time and/or place. The parties agree that carriers will scan MSP scan points as they reach them during the course of their assigned duties. (M-01458)

Management Bonuses

Office Name Position Bonus
Atco George Dennison Postmaster $2,577.57
Atco John Weigele C/S Supv $2,176.01
Blackwood Anthony Alberti C/S Supv $1,833.53
Blackwood Edward Delasandro C/S Supv $1,501.61
Blackwood John Miksit Postmaster $2,223.10
Blackwood John Pizzano C/S Supv $1,116.79
Bridgeton Patricia Borgese C/S Supv $1,843.24
Bridgeton Frank Fleming Postmaster $2,578.92
Bridgeton Donna Morris C/S Supv $1,075.86
Bridgeton Randall Waller C/S Supv $1,812.50
Clayton Walt Gallaher Postmaster $2,096.47
Gibbstown Daniel Mayo Postmaster $1,702.14
Glassboro David Apgar C/S Supv $1,651.98
Glassboro Margaret Clifford Postmaster $1,380.75
Glendora John Capotosti Postmaster $2,229.05
Gloucester Anthony Andrioli C/S Supv $1,527.51
Gloucester Lynda Shiflet Postmaster $2,277.23
Gloucester James Thornton C/S Supv $1,532.34
Gloucester Robert Vollaro C/S Supv $2,004.81
Haddon Hts. Kevin Lafferty Postmaster $2,341.22
Hammonton James Hacker C/S Supv $2,002.17
Hammonton Henry Lewandowski Postmaster $2,460.03
Lawnside Jocelyn Kinsler Postmaster $1,756.49
Magnolia Robert Morabito Postmaster $1,962.44
Mantua Daniel Charlton C/S Supv $2,041.71
Mantua Nelson Daniels Postmaster $2,229.05
Maple Shade Stephen Atkinson C/S Supv $483.56
Maple Shade Don Eley C/S Supv $2,002.17
Maple Shade Salim Waleed Postmaster $2,306.24
Marlton Wilbert Anderson C/S Supv $1,878.05
Marlton Richard Finnegan Postmaster $6,049.63

(continued in next newsletter)

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